Tips to Help You to Clean Tires Comfortably

We all like to have our car clean, but when it comes to hitting the cloth, we usually focus only on the body, leaving aside other parts of the vehicle, such as tires.

When we talk about the cleaning of the tires of our car, we usually think of something difficult and cumbersome and that many times we do not want or are lazy to do.

Well, you should know that there are certain cleaning products and items that will make this job more comfortable and less heavy. These are the steps to follow in cleaning the tires correctly:

It is important to use specific products to clean the tires as this will ensure we do not damage the tires when using an abrasive product. We recommend using the v60 Sport.

First, we will spray the tires with the product; it recommends to let it act for about 5 minutes. It is better to try to keep the wheel cold to avoid damaging the brake discs.

After this, we rinse the tires with plenty of water and ready; we will have them as new.

This type of product is suitable for any tire, either aluminum or alloy.

clean tires

It may happen that after finishing cleaning the tires of our car, there is still some dirt left; in that case, we can use one of the specific brushes to rub our tire because it is very dirty and the crap does not come out at first.

It is important that when using one of these brushes spank the previous one, it can be very abrasive, and although the first time you clean the tires with ammonia, nothing happens, and they are shiny, in the long run, You can end up damaging them.

It also recommended to avoid the use of other products such as strong water, tonic or coke, always try to use a specific product and if you cannot buy one, dissolve some neutral soap in water.

Finally, if you want more information on how to clean the tires of the car, you can go to this page where they explain how to do it correctly to get them to last many years.

You will also find other posts related to general car cleaning to clean the tires, we ensure that they do not have dirt or pebbles that can scratch the tires.

Some of the things we have to avoid when cleaning car tires are:

The use of degreasers or commercial grease removers: the grease removers we use in the kitchen tend to be abrasive so they can damage the tire by removing the lacquer, and we do not want that.

Ammonia: Ammonia is used as a cleaning product, but not for cleaning tires, and you? Do you usually have your car tires shiny? Do you know of any other product to clean the tires? Could you leave us your answer in the comment box?

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