What is Canbus Error to Car Led Bulbs and How to Fix it?

What is Canbus

CANBus (Controlled Area Network Bus) is a communication system that enables various electronic components to exchange data and information with each other.

A modern car can have dozens of electronic control units (ECUs). The main computer processor is responsible for engine control; other control modules used for data transmission between such systems as airbags, anti-theft systems, braking / ABS, electric power steering, audio systems, windows, doors and bulbs control.

The CANBUS system allows all these components to communicate with the car’s main computer. It can communicate with each other, control other parts and receive feedback from sensors.

The advantage of the CANBUS system is the reduction of cabling, which in the case of a growing number of electronic components. It is economically important. The CANBUS system makes it easier to diagnose car components using a computer; communication between component sensors is also faster than using traditional electrotechnical solutions.

CANBUS operating systems are now common in new cars. In many models, it has had a simplified control based on the CANBUS system since mid-2000. This system used by major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota.

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What is the Canbus Error Code to Car Led Bulbs

If you install a new headlight or 3157 LED bulb without a CANBUS system, the car computer will show an error, the bulb will flicker or will be unplugged.

In addition to its advantages, the CANBUS system also has disadvantages. The adaptation of components might not derive from the official distribution of the car manufacturer. It can be labor-intensive and require specialized equipment and knowledge. Often this also applies to xenon bulbs and burners. The manufacturer can easily prevent the use of cheaper substitutes.

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How to Fix it

In the case of the automotive 1156 LED bulb, the possible solutions are the LED bulbs adapted to the CANBUS system or external filters. Both solutions have their pros and cons. The choice of solution depends on the use of the bulb.

In a situation when we want to install LED bulbs in a car, it is worth checking if our car equipped with a CANBUS system. LEDs consume little power, which can be misleading to the control computer. As a result, it sends wrong information about a bulb burns out. It is possible to buy a decoder to work with the CANBUS system.

It is also important whether the LED bulb has a built-in voltage stabilizer. Sometimes it happens that due to voltage fluctuations in the car’s electrical system, the diodes burn.

If you need to change the lights of the car, the best thing to do is to replace them with others of the same type that came standard. In this sense, if for example you had halogen headlights and now you want to carry xenon ones, it is technically possible, but having the whole approved package comes at a very high price. Specifically, the replacement can cost you around 1,000 dollars.

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