How to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Efficient driving is increasingly on everyone’s lips, but do we practice it? According to a study by the European Automobile Commissioner (CEA) and Prevention, only 3% of drivers know how to use techniques to reduce the consumption and emissions of cars.

It is a union between the European Automobile Commissioner (CEA) and Prevention, they have great experience in the field since they have taught driving courses for 2,500 people and they plan to train 3,000 motorists every year.

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From the experience of these driving courses and the subsequent study, it follows that motorists, able to reduce fuel consumption by 17%, using the same time on their journeys.

Curious detail also the one that cites women as more saving, since they reduce the consumption of the car an average of 20%, compared to 16% of men.

Also, according to CEA and Prevention, only one in three drivers knows what revolutions per minute are suitable for a diesel engine. At the same time, half of the motorists ignore that it can drive at 50 kilometers per hour in fifth gear.

This study shows that most drivers are unaware of the techniques to save fuel, so driving courses are a very good practice to improve our driving technique.

save fuel

From we are going to give you some basic tips to save fuel:

* Start the car and gently start the journey.

* Turn off the engine if it will stop for more than 30 seconds. Starting the car again requires less gasoline than keeping it going.

* Exit slowly, avoiding rapid acceleration. A fulminant exit only serves to spend gasoline.

* Accelerate smoothly and brake gradually.

* Try to maintain a constant speed

* Avoid carrying luggage on the roof. The added frontal area reduces aerodynamics and will affect car performance by up to 25%. Try not to overload the car.

* Driving with the air conditioner increases consumption, use it when necessary.

* Driving with the windows open reduces aerodynamics and therefore increases consumption.

* Anticipate traffic conditions, accelerate and decelerate smoothly. In addition to economical, it is safer and also reduces brake wear.

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