7 Tips to Check Your Car Condition After Summer

The holidays are over for us, and now they start for your car. After two months, you have overloaded it with luggage and packages, circulated on impassable roads, and traveled hundreds of kilometers. It is time to take a short break, check it, and leave it ready before our work routine begins again and the winter season.

Therefore, we want to lend a hand to drivers and we have developed some recommendations about the points of your vehicle that should be inspected and fixed:

check your car after summer

Deep cleaning

Your car probably brings its own “memories” of the holidays: beach sand, stamped insects on the windshield, mountain gravel … So the first step should be to undergo a deep cleaning. Ideally, please take it to a specialized center where they perform an interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle. Still, if our budget does not allow it, we can do it ourselves. In many gas stations, they have high-power vacuum cleaners and pressurized water guns with which in exchange for a few coins, we can leave our car impeccable. A cloth and glass dashboard will be all we need to give the final touch.


With a clean car, it will be easier to discover possible scratches or dents in the body. If they are small, you can repair yourself. There are several products on the market to touch up scratches and even to take out the buns, although it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

check your car after summer

Liquid levels

Use the dipstick to make sure the oil level is not below the minimum. If so, fill it to the mark. It also fills the radiator water.

With the engine cold, check the liquid level of the cooling system by observing the recovery vessel. The level must be between the minimum and maximum that is indicated on the glass and should never fill at all.


It is convenient to check the brake fluid every two years and check the braking system with some frequency. The end of summer is a good occasion to do so, especially if you have noticed a decrease in the braking response.

Due to the heat, the brake pads may overheat, and the so-called fading effect occurs. That is, the brake pedal must step on, and the car does not brake properly. In this case, for our safety, it is essential to check the braking system and replace the pads.

Wheel pressure and drawing

After the kilometers traveled and the overweight the vehicle will have been subjected to, the tire pressure may have dropped. If they do not have adequate pressure they will overheat, gasoline consumption will increase, and they will spend sooner.

Always check them when they are cold and blow them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, take the opportunity to ensure that the tire pattern is not too worn and that its depth is not less than 4mm. If so, you would have to change them.

check your car after summer

Air conditioning

After so much use during these hot months, it may happen that the air conditioning system does not cool with the same power or that the air does not come out as cold as it should. Most likely, the circuit has run out of gas or does not circulate properly.

To get out of doubt and remedy it, you will have to pay a visit to your workshop. And remember, the air conditioning system is not only useful to maintain the appropriate temperature at all times, but it is essential to defog the windows during driving and allow you an optimal view of the road.

Wiper blades

Your car will have parked in the Sun for many hours with a drop in temperatures during the night. It may harden the rubber of windshield wipers and evaporated the water from the tank.

If this happens, the windshield wipers will not fulfill their function correctly, and they will cause an annoying noise when you start them and will not release water for cleaning the front glass. Check the brushes, if necessary, replace them with new ones, and refill the water from the windshield wiper tank.

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