Some Tips for You to Drive Safely in Autumn

Now we can say that autumn has officially arrived. The lowering of temperatures begins to take center stage, the trees are beginning to lose their leaves, and bad weather is going to be quite frequent. So what you have to do is, above all, use common sense and exercise caution to ensure the safety of passengers.

From, we want to give you some tips to drive safely in autumn and thus ensure safe driving during the autumn months, although in a short time, the winter will be over.

Car tuning

Before starting the route, you should check that your car is in optimal condition. Not long ago, we gave the key points for c% C3% B3mo” are the lights and how to use them>.

Inspect the Tips” and tricks to wash your car>.

Check the pressure, drawing, and grooves (minimum 1.6 mm) of the tires to ensure good adhesion to the road and prevent slippage. Here we tell you what% C3% A9  you should do if you have a puncture>.

It carries the essential spare parts such as spare wheel at the necessary pressure and tools for its placement, properly approved reflective vest, and two approved danger signaling triangles.

drive safely in Autumn


The faster you drive, especially on wet and slippery roads, the longer it takes to stop the vehicle. Doubling the speed of your car can almost quadruple the amount of time needed to stop safely.

Seat belt

A tip that never goes by and will not go out of style (for our sake). Also, it is the best protection against an injury in a sudden stop, sudden emergency maneuver, or a traffic accident. Apart from wearing the belt, please make sure the rest of the passengers carry it too. Do you know distractions when driving is using the mobile phone? Although in reality, it is a danger in summer, winter, spring, and autumn, from here we invite you to prudence. Just watch the video that shows that using the mobile (in this case, driving” in the rain). If it’s going to be bad weather and you can change your travel date, do it.

At this time, the puddles also begin to appear. Whenever possible, avoid the sides (where there is more) and drive along the central part of the road. If you enter a deep puddle, do not lift your foot from the accelerator. This result reduces the possibility of the car heated if water enters sensitive areas.

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