Lexus Modernizes Current Models with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Lexus wants to continue fighting in the current market, and for this, it has decided to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its current range of models.

With time, we have witnessed how numerous innovations have become an essential element in the contemporary vehicle. The evolution of the smartphone has also been vital to be able to implement certain advances that facilitate our days today, such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Lexus wanted to apply the saying of “renew or die”, and this is why now its range of models will have this technology capable of drastically. It can reduce distractions at the wheel by allowing us to use our mobile phone more logically and safely.

The Japanese house has always opted for different technologies that were revolutionary at the time, such as hybridization. Other less transcendent aspects have gone more unnoticed, but Lexus wanted to finish off the year 2019 with a major renewal of its infotainment system.

The UX, NX, RC and ES models will incorporate this series update in their 2020 range, which will be available from December. For those who have any of these models that do not worry, since Lexus offers the installation of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto completely free. For the system, the vehicle version is not the last.

Thanks to the presence of this mobile phone integration system with the vehicle, applications such as WhatsApp, Google Maps or Spotify can be managed through the infotainment system. It will be as simple as connecting our smartphone via a USB cable. Waiting for the connection to be established and making use of either the multifunction steering wheel or the trackpad present in the center console.

It will be necessary at least to have the MM17 multimedia system. It is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto even though it is slightly obsolete compared to the current one. With this premise, the Lexus range is updated to shorten the distance with its main competition. Thus be able to offer more cutting-edge technology and perfectly combinable with our routine tasks.

At the moment the Japanese firm has not made statements regarding future additions or renovations of its range. But taking into account this update, it would not surprise the presence of any new member who offered a renewing design language.

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