How to Maintain Your Car Air Conditioning

The air conditioner spends more fuel on the car. That makes many drivers avoid putting it until it is not essential. Several studies indicate that almost half of the drivers (49%) do not connect the air conditioner until the temperature reaches 28 degrees.

It should not be like that. When the 22 degrees exceeded in the passenger compartment, the driver enters sleep more easily. At 27 degrees of temperature, the driver’s reaction rate is up to 22% slower than when it circulates at 22 degrees. Besides, the air conditioning systems (as long as they are clean, save them” fuel using the air conditioning>. They are simple tricks, which do not involve hardly any effort on your part and with which you will get a fresh cabin so as not to force the system. , having the system ready, you help it work better. Follow these guidelines:

Suitable temperature

Experts recommend that the ideal cabin temperature should range between 22 and 24 degrees. On the one hand, to avoid taking the air conditioning system to the extreme. To avoid summer colds due to the great contrast between the interior of the car and the one you find when you get off it.

maintain your car air conditioning

The orientation of the aerators

If you want to be efficient when it comes to refreshing the cabin, you must point the dental grids upwards. Why? Pure physics Cold air is heavier than hot air, as you have seen in static balloons. In this way, it will go down through the cabin while causing the movement of the air. On the other hand, the lateral aerators better oriented towards the windows. In this way, a barrier created with the heat that causes its direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Yes, from time to time, we all address it to the face, especially in moments of maximum heat. We should not. We may be sending viruses and bacteria directly to the nostrils.

Clean filters

A dirty filter causes the amount of air to decrease. And beware, also the wrongly placed filters. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention during assembly, as well as when the air conditioner gives problems since it is quite simple to solve it unless its access is complicated.

If you see that it takes a long time to cool the vehicle, it is best to go to a professional.

In addition to recharging the circuit with gas (usually of the R-134-A type, of the HFC type, a refrigerant gas that does not damage the ozone layer, but check it in your car manual), it will check that the circuit is not leaking.

Electronic failures

In the end, like so many other systems in a modern vehicle, the air conditioning system is electric. There may be a bad connection of some cables (a friend unintentionally canceled theirs when installing a sound system, it is not crazy) or that a fuse fails. Or that the temperature sensor has been damaged and does not send a correct reading.

The variables are many, as in any car electrical failure. These are the typical problems that it costs to find with them, so the best and fastest is sometimes to connect the diagnostic machine to locate them more efficiently.

maintain your car air conditioning

Air recirculation

If you are going to spend a lot of time driving, such as during a long car trip, it is better to take advantage of the already cooled air inside to make it recirculate. In this way, we will punish the system less, especially the compressor.

On the contrary, when the interior of the car is very hot, it is much more efficient to introduce outside air to lower the temperature faster. By the way, do you remember this trick for maintenance of the car, so you will avoid, for example, that the auxiliary belt is in poor condition or loose. That would cause the compressor to lose power significantly.

And connect it in winter

In addition to the cooling gas, there is also oil in the circuit, which serves to lubricate the compressor. Connecting the air conditioner in winter helps to move the oil through the pipes and prevent the seals from drying out. You will have verified that the air conditioning is an invaluable aid when it comes to defrosting the glass since it eliminates the humidity of the environment much more quickly than simply using conventional ventilation.

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