How to Keep the Car Window From Polluted

Cleaning the windows of the car is one of the most arduous tasks that the user has to perform regularly. Whether the car used or if it is parked, dirt always ends upcoming. In motion, the main problem is, while standing can be the dust or droppings of the birds. In any case, the moons must be impolite so as not to interfere with the visibility of the driver.

Because it must say that it is important, but that of the crystals is what will condition the exterior to see correctly. It should also take into account that if dirt still deposited on the moons, there is a risk that the stains will not come out or scratch the glass when the windshield wiper is activated. In this regard, note that if the brushes are in good condition, it will be better to keep the front and rear glass clean.

When you have to do that task of cleaning the glass, it is best to do it manually and periodically, establishing a routine and without spending too much time between cleaning. The first thing to do is to remove all possible impurities, and the best way is to use pressurized water or a hose, which will remove all dust. You also have to have at hand a series of accessories that will facilitate the task.

It is important to have a specific cloth for crystals, which are usually made of synthetic materials and respect the moons. With a cloth that is not suitable, the results would be worse, and the glass could even be scratched. You can use some homemade, although more effective cleaning will achieve with products from specialized stores.

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When the material is ready, proceed to apply the product and leave it on for a few minutes. In this way, it achieved that the dirt that more adhered to can completely remove. Then it is time to rinse the moons with water and trying not to leave any trace of product in the crystals. So that there are no watermarks, you can resort to tricks such as using newspaper  (also with kitchen paper or specific cloths). If allowed to dry in the sun, the marks will remain safely

Although cleaning the windows of the car outside is the most tedious because of the exposure they have. It is advisable to do the same with the inside of the glass. The same steps mentioned above should follow, although extreme caution in the case of the laminated moon, which could lose properties with some products. In this type of cleaning, common sense also has to prevail, since it depends on the accumulated dirt, more or less hardness and quantity of product will have to be applied.

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