Lexus LC Limited Edition: The First Four-Stage Hybrid Vehicle

A new special edition of the Lexus LC luxury coupe has arrived. It is called the Inspiration Series and is limited to 100 units in the United States although it will also reach European dealerships next October. Prices? The brand will publish them when the sale date approaches.

Lexus LC
Outside, the new special edition of Lexus is instantly recognized by the Nori Green Pearl that is exclusive to the Lexus LC 500 Inspiration series. The same went for the 21-inch wheels and painted in two shades. The interior has also undergone a makeover, obtaining a two-tone color scheme that mixes the Bespoke Saddle Tan, another unique feature, with a darker Alcantara tone.
Contrast to the tan seats, and the Black Amber leather upholstery is applied to the dashboard, center console, doors and steering wheel. The taillights and threshold plates are inspired by geometric shapes and have been customized through laser cutting.

Lexus LC
The new limited-edition Lexus LC 500 equips a 5.0-liter V8 engine, without mechanical changes, which means it still produces 471 hp and 540 Nm of maximum torque. Power is directed to the rear axle through a ten-speed automatic transmission and a limited-slip differential. Like the standard variant, the new Inspiration series reaches 100 km/hour in 4.4 seconds being able to reach a maximum speed of 270 km/hour.

Lexus LC 500 Inspiration, luxury has reached the coupe

The Lexus LC, an icon of style since its launch three years ago, incorporates this year a new level of sophistication with the presentation of the Lexus LC 2020 Limited Edition. According to the brand itself, «by mixing the sensational lines of the LC with a range of classic colors. This new limited-edition LC evokes the idea of ​​a more mature and refined coupe, without renouncing the modernity of performance, technology and style that make it so desirable ».

Lexus LC
The definitive touch of the Lexus LC 2020 Limited Edition is a personalized license plate on the door stringer, which marks the limited edition character of each vehicle. Each time the door is opened, said plates engraved by laser, and that reproduce the geometric shapes of the rear brake lights, subtly recall the exceptionalness of the vehicle.

The Lexus LC 2020 Limited Edition will arrive at dealerships at the end of 2019 in Europe, in the self-rechargeable hybrid version, which has the world’s first four-stage hybrid system. The Lexus LC Limited Edition is also available in Black Graphite and Titanium.

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